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CNC Fraiseuses

Craftsman 900ST proto-type rotary 4th axis

Ajoutée le 18 nov. 2010

Testing the proto-type rotary 4th axis on the Craftsman 900ST. Machining a figurine in Pine.
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More info at www.craftsmancnc.co.nz

Sculpting a Woman's Body - 3D CNC Foam Carving with FROG3D


Ajoutée le 17 oct. 2011

FROG3D is a 3D CNC foam carving system that helps creative companies create a range of sculptural and artistic projects in absolutely any size and to any level of detail. In this video, FROG3D pumps out a mannequin - a fairly basic project, but illustrative of its 3D sculpting capabilities. Learn more about FROG3D and its capabilities at www.3dcutting.com.

5-Axis CNC Art [Woman]


Ajoutée le 27 août 2014



Female torso machined in aluminium

Ajoutée le 4 mars 2011

Using Tebis CAD/CAM technology, this women's torso is machined from an aluminum cylinder and is adorned with a necklace of amber beads.

Usinage fraiseuse métal - Titan

CNC Machining Titan's Eagle

Ajoutée le 14 avr. 2015

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